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Exclusive to ASPENX, only 50 handmade, first-of-production, highly coveted snowboards make up this limited-edition run. Owning a one-of-a-kind ASPENX | WHITESPACE Freestyle Shaun White Pro offers a unique opportunity to ride a board of exceptional quality designed by the most influential snowboarder of all time.  

White’s most versatile signature snowboard yet, the ASPENX | WHITESPACE Freestyle Shaun White Pro showcases innovative technology including C4X carbon inserts; sustainable materials, like plant-based resin; and purposeful design features, like customized camber for a dynamic and responsive ride. The neutral color palette of aspen trees in winter inspired the exclusive colorway, disrupted by red and white blocking to represent a desire to stand out, do something different, and try something bold.

Consider the ASPENX | WHITESPACE Freestyle Shaun White Pro the athlete’s ode to Aspen, the place that transformed Shaun White from champion to legend.

Founded in 2022,  WHITESPACE is an active lifestyle brand created by Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White. The signature brand inspires focus and motivation that clears the noise, turns doubts into drop-ins, and unlocks the send.

Whitespace ASPENX Freestyle Shaun White Pro